Take care when driving around snowplows this winter

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We love seeing snowplows when they’re clearing the streets in and around our neighborhood so that we can get out after a massive snowstorm. However, we grumble when we’re stuck behind one on the highway or another road.

No matter how inconvenient the presence of snowplows can be, it’s essential to drive cautiously around them. Let’s look at some important tips to help keep you and others safe on the roads this winter when you encounter a snowplow.

Stay at least 200 feet away from a moving snowplow. Even though they’re proceeding slowly, they can’t stop quickly. If they encounter a stuck car or other road hazard and have to stop, you could find yourself in a middle of a serious rear-end or chain-reaction collision.

If a snowplow is coming towards you in the opposite lane of a two-lane or any undivided road, get as far away from it as you safely can. If you can move into a lane further from the centerline, do so. It can be hard to tell just how wide the blade is. Snowplow blades can be as much as 10 feet wider than the truck and can have the weight of a small car. Further, blowing snow could obstruct your vision.

If you must pass a snowplow, be very careful. Doing so can be very dangerous. Make sure that you are ahead of the front blade on the plow before you move back into the lane ahead of it. Never pass a snowplow on the right side. If you do plan to pass one, remember that the road ahead of it hasn’t been plowed yet, so it may be in bad condition.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t drive safely around snowplows and other road-clearing vehicles. If you suffer injuries in a crash caused by a negligent or reckless driver, make sure you seek the compensation that you will need in the short- and long-term to deal with medical expenses and other costs and damages.

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