Check for these common injuries after a car accident

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You can suffer many types of injury in a car accident, with some more common than others. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding an accident, it’s critical to check for injuries and receive immediate medical attention, if necessary.

Here are four of the most common types of car accident injuries:

  • Back and neck injuries: From broken bones to soft tissue trauma, back and neck injuries are a major concern. Depending on the severity, this type of injury can limit your mobility in the future.
  • Broken bones: Every bone in your body is at risk of injury in a car accident. For example, if the front of your vehicle crumples, it’s possible that your legs and/or feet could suffer serious injury.
  • Head injury: There are many types of head injury, ranging from minor to extremely severe. A traumatic brain injury is among the most serious, and can include everything from bleeding on the brain to a fractured skull. A concussion is less severe, but it can still impact your health and the way you live your life.
  • Burns and abrasions: These injuries don’t always come into play during a motor vehicle accident, but when they do, they’re often serious. For instance, if your vehicle catches fire in the aftermath of an accident, severe burns are likely. Even minor burns and abrasions require immediate (and often ongoing) medical attention.

Along with these physical injuries, emotional distress as a result of a car accident is possible. It may be so bad that you find it difficult to ride in a motor vehicle in the future. Emotional scars are nothing to take lightly.

Don’t ever assume that you can treat car accident injuries at home, as only a medical professional can pinpoint exactly what’s going on. Once you receive initial treatment for your injuries at a local hospital, consult with your medical team in regard to what you should do in the future. It’s your goal to make a full recovery as quickly as possible.

Also, don’t wait to file a car insurance claim and seek other avenues for obtaining compensation from the negligent party.

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