Negligent pool safety can lead to personal injury

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The summer months in Michigan can bring opportunities for pool parties and many other fun outdoor activities. Many families enjoy time by the pool while sharing food and enjoying alcoholic beverages. While this can be a great way to celebrate the more leisurely days of summer, there are some risks to health and safety that can present themselves on these occasions.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured at a pool party, you should never simply assume that the incident was a harmless accident. The owner of the premises has a duty to keep all visitors safe where reasonably possible, and an injury on the premises may suggest that negligence has taken place.

What is negligence?

You can successfully accuse a premises owner of negligence if they have breached their duty toward a visitor. It must be shown that the breached duty led to personal injury damages, and that these damages would not have occurred if the premises had acted responsibly.

What are common instances of negligence regarding pool parties?

Before a premises owner hosts a pool party, they should make sure that the pool and all other associated equipment is functioning properly. Failing to do this could mean that a suction filter in the pool is not working as it should. If a person’s hair becomes stuck in the malfunctioning filter, they could suffer serious injuries or even death due to drowning. A situation such as this would likely constitute negligence on the part of the premises owner.

Another common form of negligence during pool parties is the failure to supervise children when they are in the pool. Young children should be supervised at all times by an adult who has not been consuming alcohol. This person should maintain focus on the children in the same way that a lifeguard would. If a child was injured at a pool party, the question of whether they were being supervised should be brought into question.

If you want to investigate whether a recent pool party injury could lead to a successful legal claim, it is important that you take action to further understand the law. By taking legal action, you may be able to gain financial compensation.

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