How does no-fault insurance protect Michigan drivers?

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From the forests of the Upper Peninsula to the streets of Detroit, the roads of Michigan have risks for everyone on the road. Defensive driving and avoiding traffic can only get motorists so far, and nearly everyone has some sort of collision in their memory after a few years of driving.

  • How are drivers in Michigan protected from car accidents?

Legal drivers are protected by their own insurance policies. The Wolverine State requires no-fault insurance, which means damage and injury caused by a car accident is covered by the victim’s own insurance policy.

  • What is covered by no-fault insurance in terms of medical help?

There are a variety of policies, but the legal requirement includes coverage of all reasonable medical expenses related to injury in a collision. A portion of income lost due to recovery or disability may be available for three years after the date of an accident.

  • What else is covered?

The cost of damage done by a car to nearby property or parked cars is also covered up to a certain extent. Damage done to other cars in transit nearby is not covered by no-fault insurance, although it may be by a different type of coverage.

  • What do I do if I am having problems with no-fault insurance?

Disputes with insurance companies on what may be a reasonable medical expense or whether a car was properly parked before a collision are tough to deal with after a serious injury. An attorney can help address these issues as well as possible lawsuits stemming from motor vehicle accidents in Michigan.

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