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Residents of Rochester are gearing up for another long Fourth of July holiday weekend. If your holiday plans include travel, you should be aware that the days immediately prior to and just after the Fourth of July typically see a surge in auto accidents due to the increased traffic on the roads.

You don’t have to be driving hundreds of miles to get into a collision. You could get rear-ended or T-boned on your way to a barbecue with friends or to watch the fireworks with your kids. When it comes to accidents, they can occur at any given moment.

But there are things that Rochester motorists can do to stay safer on the highway this holiday weekend. They include:

  • Only driving when sober. With all of the ride-share and public transit options that are available today, there is never a good reason to drive after drinking.
  • Allow extra time for holiday driving. Whether you’re just headed out to watch the fireworks or will be driving hundreds of miles to your holiday destination, allow plenty of time to arrive alive and safely.
  • Don’t speed. Your lead foot could cost you hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets and other fines. Slow down and stick to the speed limit on the roads you drive.

Even if you drive safely this upcoming holiday, that does not necessarily mean that all the other drivers will be exercising the same caution. If you get injured in an auto accident, we can help you get the financial compensation to which you are entitled. We will fight hard to get you a fair settlement from the liable party’s insurance carrier.

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