How are you celebrating National Bike Month?

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Welcome to the 63rd annual National Bike Month. The purpose of the designation is to celebrate bicycle riding for people of all walks of life and the benefits that biking provides them.

In fact, today, May 17, is “Bike to Work Day,” a part of National Bike to Work Week, which runs from May 13 to 19. Even if you didn’t ride your bike to work today, you can still make time for a ride around your Rochester neighborhood this evening.

People ride bikes for many reasons, including:

  • Exercise
  • Transportation
  • As part of a “green” lifestyle
  • Fun

While biking can be a great activity in which to participate, it can also be dangerous. Even if the rider obeys all traffic laws and is a cautious and responsible cyclist, they still could get hurt or killed by a negligent motorist.

Bicycle riders can be safer by riding only on cycling tracks and keeping within the bike lanes when out in traffic. Wearing colorful reflective clothing is also wise, as you always want to be highly visible while riding your bike.

Problems often arise when impaired or distracted drivers don’t pay attention to the road ahead. That’s when accidents are most likely to occur — and usually at intersections. Because bicyclists have no protection surrounding them in an impact, the results of a bicycle and auto collision can be catastrophic.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident here in Rochester, your recovery could be long and grueling. You could face multiple surgeries, months of rehab therapies and an uncertain path to the future. Your ability to work and earn a living could be permanently affected.

In such cases, it may be necessary to sue any negligent parties for your injuries and other losses.

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