What can brain injury patients expect post-accident?

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If you or someone you love suffers a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a motor vehicle accident, life as you knew it will change. The challenges that you and your loved one will face may be permanent. Therefore, many TBI patients must learn how to adapt to their new reality while they recover.

An accident that’s so severe that it causes brain trauma may also leave the victim with many other serious injuries. They may have broken bones, internal injuries or spinal trauma that leave them immobile for weeks or months. They may need to relearn how to speak, walk and interact appropriately with others. Some may be so seriously injured that they are dependent upon caregivers for their every need.

In many cases, the brain injury victims will never again be able to work in the positions they held before their accidents. While some may be able to be retrained to carry out other tasks, one of the complications of TBIs is the trouble the victims have processing and understanding new information. Because of this, some TBI patients may never again be able to be gainfully employed after their accidents.

There are other consequences of TBI injuries. Relationships can splinter when spouses who were full and equal relationship partners now must become caregivers for their injured mates. While some caregivers can segue effortlessly between the roles of caregiver and partner, others are put off by having to change adult diapers, catheters or feeding tubes. Some couples split up after such accidents, leaving the dependent spouse without a caregiver.

Not all brain injuries are catastrophic, but all will likely bring unwelcome changes. If you or your family member is struggling to recover from a TBI, you may need to take legal action to seek compensation from any at-fault parties.

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