Preparing for summer motorcycle season in Michigan

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The climate in Michigan all but ensures that most motorcycle riders will have to store their bikes for the winter. Even if you don’t mind slushy and snowy roads, extreme cold temperatures can make riding a motorcycle unbearable. Winterizing your motorcycle may be a simpler solution than attempting to keep it in running condition throughout the worst of a Michigan winter.

Once the snow melts, you will undoubtedly start itching to get your bike out of storage. Now is a great time to start preparing yourself to safely enjoy your motorcycle over the summer. Of all the kinds of collision-related personal injury cases out there, motorcycle injuries tend to be some of the most severe. After all, motorcycle crashes typically involve much larger vehicles which can cause substantial damage to the bike and its rider. That’s why you should plan now to improve your safety.

Proper maintenance helps you avoid mechanical pitfalls

Staying safe on a motorcycle on public roadways requires expert handling of your bike and careful attention to traffic conditions around you. You shouldn’t allow any preventable maintenance issues to increase your risk. Committing yourself to seasonal and ongoing maintenance can help you avoid issues such as brake failure.

Every time you go out for a ride, you should inspect your bike for safety. Check underneath it for leaks, check the tires for adequate inflation and test the brakes before you reach a high speed. Seasonal maintenance can include the changing of fluids and filters, as well as the replacement of damaged or aging components. Keeping your bike in the best shape possible will reduce the potential of mechanical or maintenance issues contributing to a preventable collision.

Keep yourself safe with the right riding gear

You probably are well aware of the fact that riding gear directly impacts the severity of the injuries you suffer if you do get into an accident. Too many people who enjoy motorcycles focus on how they appear on their bike instead of how to best remain safe. Michigan law is relatively menial regarding protective gear on a motorcycle.

In fact, provided that you have adequate insurance, you don’t even have to wear a helmet if you are over 21 years old. While you may feel tempted to experience the wind in your hair instead of a helmet blocking it out, anytime you get on your motorcycle without a helmet, you run the risk of a severe injury.

If you do get hurt in a motorcycle crash, regardless of whether or not you have a helmet, you will likely need to file an insurance claim to recover your medical losses and the cost of the damage to your motorcycle. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you make the most of your insurance claim after a motorcycle accident.

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