Even in decline, drunk driving poses an incredible risk

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The good news about drunk driving is that it remains in decline. A few decades ago, it was a much worse problem than it is today. Police have really cracked down on impaired driving, schools have increased education programs and nonprofit organizations have worked for change. And they’re making progress.

If you look back over the last 30 years — running back to the late 1980s — you will find that the deaths from drunk driving accidents have declined by a third. It’s taken time, but it’s getting better.

Of course, not all of the credit goes to a reduction in drunk driving itself. Cars are safer now than they were in the 80s. How do many people simply live through DUI crashes in 2019 when they would have lost their lives in 1989? You have to take advancements in technology and safety into account when looking at the raw stats.

Plus, it is important to realize that drunk drivers are still a major hazard on America’s roads. Just because things are getting better does not mean you are safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that over 10,000 people die in these wrecks every single year. That’s a staggering number when you think about it, as all of these deaths are easily preventable.

Finally, as noted, cars are getting safer. People are living through accidents. That doesn’t mean they’re getting through without injury. Just because someone survived does not mean they don’t have life-altering injuries and disabilities after the crash.

If you get hurt in one of these common accidents, or if you lose a loved one, you need to know all of the rights you have to financial compensation.

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