Winter runners: Safety tips for road running

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If you’re a hardcore runner, you keep going right through the Michigan winter. You don’t let a little snow and ice slow you down.

However, this can change the way you think about traffic while you jog. You may have to run in the road when the sidewalks aren’t shoveled. You may wonder about how much control drivers have on the snow as you cross the street. There are a lot of risks. To help keep you safe, here are some important tips:

  • Run toward the cars. Oncoming traffic should be facing you. This way, you can see any vehicle well before it gets close and you can react if the driver does not see you.
  • Go on the sidewalk if there are too many cars. If you want to run in the road, it’s safer to use smaller back roads and side streets.
  • Always run as if you are invisible. If you assume a driver has spotted you, it can lead to a devastating accident. Be very careful when you have to cross the road in front of a car waiting to turn.
  • When picking out your warm layers for winter running, make sure that the top layer is something bright. You want to be very visible.
  • If possible, try to run when it’s light out. This can be hard in the winter, with the shorter hours of daylight, but you face much higher risks if you are out there after dark.

Have you been injured in an accident, despite trying to stay safe? If you have high medical bills, lost wages and other costs, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

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