How to handle a recreational vehicle accident

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Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) is a favorite past-time of millions of Americans and Michigan is no exception. There are RVs of all shapes and sizes roaming the roads of America at any given time. These vehicles make it easy for people to travel the country, see nature, visit parks and other destinations and save a little money along the way. But, what if you are involved in an RV accident? Here’s what you should do to handle such a situation.

If your RV has come to a stop in a safe place you need to check yourself and all those riding in the vehicle for injuries. Tend to anyone who has hit their head or suffered a large wound. If you need to, be sure to dress any wound that is bleeding in an effort to stop the bleeding.

If safe, take pictures of the accident scene. This includes pictures of the RV, the other vehicle(s) involved, the road, the debris, the road signs, traffic signals and your injuries.

Document everything about the accident that you can. This includes exchanging information with the other drivers involved. Ask for the business card of the responding police officer so you know who to contact when seeking the police report.

Always seek medical care after an RV accident, even if you don’t think you were injured. Accept transport to the hospital from the scene by the responding EMTs.

Contact a personal injury attorney about the accident. Explain what happened, the injuries you suffered and provide them with all of the evidence you documented at the scene.

RVs can be very large vehicles. There are smaller versions on the roads of America that can also be involved in an accident. Make sure you know what to do after an accident so you put yourself in a good position for a legal case if you were injured.

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