Nursing home neglect is just as illegal as abuse

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You often hear warnings about nursing home abuse. It can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial, depending on the case. You hear about the signs to watch out for and the symptoms that tip off loved ones that abuse is taking place.

It is very important to watch out for abuse, but you also need to remember that your loved one can suffer significant harm even when no actual abuse takes place. They could suffer due to simple neglect.

Nursing home neglect does take on a number of different forms, but it typically means that the staff did not give the person:

  • Proper bathing services
  • Adequate amounts of food and water
  • Proper clothing, which changes with the season in Michigan
  • A safe and secure shelter that offers adequate protection
  • Necessary medical care
  • Timely care in an emergency
  • Proper supervision

For instance, perhaps the nursing home uses a specially designed van to transport the residents to functions outside of the center. The driver and other staff members are supposed to go through and make sure that everyone is properly restrained and using the provided safety features. However, in a rush, the staff just tells the residents to buckle themselves in and does not check to make sure they did it properly. The van gets in an accident on the way to the event, and your loved one suffers significant injuries that could have easily been prevented without negligent care.

Again, this is illegal. Your loved one deserves far better treatment. In cases of neglect or abuse, make sure that you are well aware of all of the legal options that you have to seek out the necessary financial compensation.

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