3 motorcycle helmet myths to learn about

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There are many reasons why people argue that they shouldn’t have to wear motorcycle helmets. They think they block their vision and that they’re more dangerous than helpful. The reality is that not wearing a helmet is a true risk.

When you’re on a motorcycle, you don’t have much in the way of protection. You may be able to wear leather or boots to protect some parts of your body, but your head needs a helmet to keep it safe. Without one, your skull could contact the ground with nothing to absorb the impact other than your body.

1. Motorcycle helmets don’t damage your spine or neck in a collision

Since some helmets have longer neck pieces, people often believe that they could be hazardous in an accident. They also believe that the added weight of the helmet could cause damage if you’re in a crash.

Neither of these myths are true. Helmets are designed to protect you in a crash. The larger, heavier size of the helmet absorbs the impact of hitting your head. This reduces the strain on your neck and back.

2. Helmets don’t matter when you’re traveling at high speeds

Helmets are even more important at high speeds. Many people argue that the helmet works only at 13 mph or less, because the Department of Transportation tests them at a speed of 13 mph. The reason for this is that most people fall off their motorcycles from a six-foot height. That means that they hit the ground at around 13 mph, even if they are traveling forward at a different rate.

3. Helmets block peripheral vision

This could be true if the helmet you choose isn’t designed correctly, but all DOT-compliant helmets are supposed to provide for 210 degrees of vision. Normal peripheral vision is 180 degrees from side to side, so you should be able to see normally when using a motorcycle helmet.

These three myths could lead to fatalities and brain injuries, so it’s important that people realize that they are not true. No one should be on a motorcycle without the right protective gear. That gear always needs to include a motorcycle helmet, since it’s the one thing between your head and the roadway. Absorbing enough impact could prevent you from losing your life in a crash, which may be what happens if you don’t choose to wear protective equipment such as your motorcycle helmet.

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