Rehabilitation options you can use at home after a back injury

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If you suffer a back injury in a car accident, you may need to have surgery and work with a professional physical therapist. However, even as your injury heals, you may still want to have some things you can do at home to promote health and further healing.

Remember, it is a marathon with back injury healing, not a sprint. It takes time and you need to work hard during your recovery. A few things you should consider include:

  • Doing stretches for your lower back, such as a back extension while lying on the floor.
  • Doing hip rolls to work on your flexibility.
  • Doing leg raises, which work all through your core and your legs.
  • Doing specific core exercises; a strong core and strong abs can lend support to your back while it heals.
  • Doing sit-ups when your back is well enough to do them.
  • Going through all your exercises and stretches at least once per day.

Of course, these are just suggestions that professionals often use on people with lingering back pain and injuries. Your case is unique. You must talk to your doctor about what tactics you can use, what is safe for you and what different exercises will promote healing without putting you at risk. Never do any exercises — even those listed above — if your doctor tells you that it is not a good idea.

The entire process of working through a back injury may take months or even years. It can change your life. Make sure you know all the legal options that you have.

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