5 tips to snowmobile safely this winter

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As the Michigan winter draws closer, you may be thinking about getting the snowmobile out. It’s a great way to actively enjoy the outdoors in the next few months when snow begins to blanket the state.

That said, you need to know what to do to ride safely. Below are five important tips that can help:

  1. Ride with someone else. Having a partner on another snowmobile helps you tremendously. If anything goes wrong, you have someone who can offer assistance. Riding alone increases the risks if you get lost or stuck, run out of gas or get into an accident.
  2. Keep your speed down. Snowmobiles are fast and fun, but speeding reduces reaction times. You especially want to make sure you do not overrun your headlights at night.
  3. Never drink before you go for a ride. As with a car, a motorcycle or any other vehicle, you need to stay sober so that you stay in complete control. If you want to drink, do it after you get back.
  4. Watch out for unstable ice. Never go out onto a lake or a river that you do not know very well. Every year, riders go through thin ice, and it does not take long for these accidents to turn fatal in freezing temperatures.
  5. Look for buried hazards. Just because a trail or a field is all white doesn’t mean it’s open. The snow can cover rocks, stumps and even fence posts.

Even if you ride safely, you could get into an accident due to someone else’s negligence. You could be hit by another rider or a driver in a car while you cross the street. Make sure you know how to seek compensation for your medical bills.

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