Preventing burn injuries in Michigan

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Whether you work in an industry that uses chemicals or fire or you are around an open flame often, you need to know how to prevent burn injuries in Rochester, Michigan. It’s nearly impossible to predict a burn accident, which is why you need to take matters into your own hands to prevent such an accident and injury from happening.

If you work with hot water, maybe in a restaurant, you need to prevent burns from the water, especially if it is scalding hot. Boiling water for pasta or washing dishes in the back of the restaurant can easily lead to traumatic burns if you are not careful. Make sure the water does not splash you, and if you need to move a pot of hot water, make sure you do so slowly and carefully.

Electrical burns can happen to people at home, at school, at work or anywhere else there is electricity. You need to be mindful of outlets, plugs, wires and other electrical items that could let off a spark. Do you like to use a hairdryer or iron at home? These items give off plenty of heat, and if you touch them in the wrong spot, you could wind up burning yourself.

Vehicles are also a potential source of burns. Parts of your car can become incredibly hot after use. There’s also the potential of a fire as a result of a motor vehicle collision caused by another driver. Exiting a vehicle quickly after a crash and avoiding touching the engine after use can help limit your risks.

Never use ice to cool a burn. You need to use cool water on the affected area for a couple of minutes. If the burn is minor, you can use an ointment to help it heal. Do not take any clothing off that is covering the burn area, as it could rip the skin off with it and make the injury worse.

Preventing burn injuries is a proactive measure you can employ no matter where you are living, working, or playing. You can identify hazards and either remove them or wear the proper safety equipment when near those hazards in Rochester, Michigan.

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