Michigan newlyweds killed less than a month after their wedding

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A young couple in Michigan got married on June 23, 2018. Less than a month later, on July 17, they were both killed in a three-car accident.

Friends and family said that the wedding was a joyful occasion, one of the best days of their lives. They cannot believe that so quickly after that wonderful day, they all found themselves grieving.

According to police, the couple was driving north down M-40 at around 3:45 on a Tuesday afternoon. When they got to the intersection with 128th Avenue, another car was coming west. The driver of that car apparently did not yield the right-of-way at the stop sign, and struck the northbound vehicle.

After the initial crash, the newlyweds’ car spun out and entered the southbound lanes of oncoming traffic. Another vehicle then hit their car, being unable to avoid them due to the speed with which the accident took place.

The drivers in the southbound vehicle and the car that allegedly caused the wreck did not suffer serious injuries. However, both of the newlyweds passed away at the accident scene. The husband was 24 years old, while his wife was just 22.

Every fatal accident is tragic, but it is very hard for friends and family members when those who pass away are so young with so much life ahead of them. As the survivors move forward with their lives, they need to know what rights they may have to seek compensation. While no amount of money can ever bring their loved ones back, a settlement can help pay off final medical bills and final expenses.

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