A recreational vehicle has a large blind spot in front

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Every vehicle has a blind spot right in front of it. On a small car, like a Honda Civic, the blind spot is tiny. However, anything that goes into this area will be invisible to the driver.

As vehicles increase in size, this blind spot tends to grow. That means that a recreational vehicle has a very large blind spot. Experts warn that it could hide several children or even a small vehicle.

The risk here is especially great when an RV is being used at a campground. If someone is pulling out of a camping site while children are riding around on their bikes, those children could theoretically end up in the blind spot and get hit.

On top of that, many drivers are relatively unfamiliar with RVs. They may be renting the vehicles. Even those who own them likely do not drive them very often. This can cause mistakes. Sometimes drivers forget about the blind spot or just underestimate how large it can be.

Perhaps the best thing for drivers to do is to measure it before they start driving. Two people can do this by having one of them start inside the blind spot and walk out of it. Together, they can then measure the distance covered between that location and the RV’s front bumper. When drivers see how significant this area is, they tend to be more cautious.

Have you been injured in an accident involving an RV? If so, or if one of your children suffered an injury, make sure you know what legal options you have.

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