Springtime motorcycle safety in Michigan

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Spring is slowly but surely making its appearance in Michigan. That means you will start to see more and more motorcycles on the roads of Rochester as the weather gets nicer and the temperatures increase. That’s why all motorists, including motorcycle riders, should know and understand motorcycle safety in the state to avoid motorcycle accidents at all costs.

All motorists need to be on the look out for motorcycles this spring. Always look twice at every intersection before pulling out into traffic. Motorcycles can appear almost out of nowhere, which can lead to accidents if you pull out into an intersection without looking twice.

If you are a motorcycle rider who is taking the bike for a ride for the first time since last fall make sure you examine it before the first ride. Check all lights, the brakes, the battery and the fluids before heading out on an adventure. This will help you find any issues that could lead to accidents down the road.

Motorcycle safety involves everyone on the roads of Rochester. As a motorist in a car or truck you should keep your distance from a motorcycle as much as possible. Do not tailgate a motorcycle. You won’t have enough time to stop safely if the bike comes to a stop.

Safety procedures also include wearing a helmet and the proper attire. If riding at night, try to don apparel that is reflective so other vehicles have a better chance of seeing you on the bike.

Safety is the name of the game when riding a motorcycle. Other motorists need to heed the old saying of “look twice, save a life.” Keeping motorcyclists safe on the roads of Michigan is everyone’s responsibility.

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