7 intersection safety tips

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Intersections are very dangerous, leading to 20 percent of all deadly car crashes and a reported 50 percent of total wrecks every year.

They happen for numerous reasons. A driver runs a red light and hits a car going through. A driver turns left when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. Traffic stops at a red light and a driver does not slow down quickly enough, slamming into the back of the stopped cars.

If you want to avoid accidents at intersections, use these tips to help:

  1. Switch to the proper lane as far before the intersection as possible.
  2. Keep distractions to a minimum. Turn the music down and stay off of your phone.
  3. Understand that other drivers have blind spots — especially semitrucks — and may not see you.
  4. Never try to rush through a light. If it’s going to be close, just slow down and stop.
  5. Watch out for drivers who may tailgate you while trying to hurry through a changing light.
  6. Look at more than just the traffic light. Watch the pedestrians on the sidewalk, the other cars in their lanes and the traffic passing through the intersection while you wait.
  7. Check both ways, even at a green light. The light may give you the right of way, but it will not protect you in an accident if someone runs it.

Of course, all accidents are not avoidable. You can use these tips and still get hit by a negligent driver. If you are hurt in a crash, make sure you know about all of your legal options to seek compensation.

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