Detroit man charged in shooting that injured 8-year-old girl

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Our best efforts to keep ourselves and our children safe are sometimes not quite good enough. People can unwittingly buy defective products, have accidents during outdoor activities or be affected by the bad decisions made by people around us.

Unexpected injuries are especially difficult when they affect children. Injuries and illnesses can affect young people in especially adverse ways, even though children often have extraordinary abilities to recover. Malicious behavior is especially noticeable when it affects children, who are often blameless in incidents that can hurt them.

A Detroit man is facing charges after his rage caused an incident that injured a local 8-year-old girl. The 21-year-old suspect allegedly became angry after he could not get a cigarette from passersby and began shooting a handgun at the gas station he was near.

Bullets struck a nearby sport utility vehicle several times, while one struck the girl inside in the arm. Her mother had been bringing her to school. Instead, she had to be rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, although her status improved and police say she is expected to survive.

Detroit Police arrested the suspected shooter, who was later charged with assault with intent to murder. Bullets also struck another vehicle, and the driver of that car is assisting police in reconstructing the incident.

People injured or killed by weapons and the families of injured parties may have a civil lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death. Financial damages may cover medical bills from directly after the injury and ongoing medical needs. An attorney can help victims and their families assemble a case and determine the best way forward.

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