How to drive safely around large vehicles

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Driving on the roads of Michigan can be scary, especially for young drivers. But for drivers of all ages, driving near large vehicles can be dangerous. You need to know how to position your vehicle and maneuver it around trucks and buses so the drivers of these vehicles can see you. Follow the tips outlined here and you should be able to avoid an accident.

Do your best to keep your vehicle out of the blind spots of trucks and buses. This obviously can be difficult if driving in heavy traffic with limited room for maneuvering. When you have the chance, safely move your vehicle out of the blind spots, which are on the sides and rear of these large vehicles. One way to determine if you are in a blind spot is to find the driver of that large vehicle in the mirrors. If you don’t see the driver, the driver cannot see you.

Never tailgate large vehicles, as you will have no time or room to stop if a big rig stops suddenly. Tailgating large vehicles can lead to catastrophic injuries because smaller vehicles can get crushed if they slam into the back of a truck or bus.

Large vehicles make wide right turns. Leave plenty of room when sitting at a stop sign or intersection so an approaching truck or bus can make the turn without hitting your vehicle.

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