How do I care for a burn?

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No matter the industry in which you work, it is possible for you to suffer some sort of burn. It can happen to the safest of people. Burns can be caused by electricity, chemicals, fire and cooking. Getting burned at the workplace is a common injury in Michigan. So, how do you care for a burn?

Burns range from minor to critical and are assigned a stage when evaluated by a medical professional or emergency responder. The stages go from first degree to third degree. No two burns are the same, as they can appear in quite a few different colors, including red, white, black and brown.

If you or a colleague has suffered a burn injury at work, the first thing you must do is remove yourself or your colleague from the situation. For example, if the burn occurred in a lab, get out of the lab immediately. If the burn happened in a fire, move to an area of the building where there is no fire.

The next step is to cool the area affected by the burn. This can be done using cool water for at least 10 minutes. Never use ice water, or even ice, to cool the burn. This can lead to additional damage to the affected area. Consider using a cold compress on the area as well.

Burns can be easily infected, so wrap the area loosely in sterile material. Do not use jelly to help heal the burn. This can only lead to further complications.

Once the burn has been cared for on site, make sure you or your colleague seek medical attention.

Getting burned on the job can cause serious injuries that put you out of commission for extended periods. Experienced personal injury attorneys in Rochester can explain your rights and how you can receive compensation for the injuries suffered.

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