Drunk driving accidents and ensuing injuries

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Drunk driving accidents are too common on the roads of Michigan. They have caused some of the most tragic accidents one can imagine. Drunk drivers are dangerous and threaten the lives of millions of drivers. Today, we will discuss the injuries that occur as a result of drunk driving accidents.

One of the most common injuries suffered by victims of drunk driving accidents involve the head. These accidents can be so violent because of the speed involved that victims can suffer cracked skulls, concussions and other injuries associated with their heads. The head can slam against the steering wheel, dashboard, side window or even the pavement if the victim is thrown from the vehicle.

Victims of drunk driving accidents can also suffer injuries to their limbs. Broken arms and legs are quite common in these accidents, especially if the victim’s vehicle is crushed by the striking vehicle or if the accident is a t-bone accident.

Punctured lungs are also common in drunk driving accidents along with other internal injuries. Internal injuries also include bleeding, punctured organs, bruised muscles and torn tendons.

Victims of drunk driving accidents can find themselves recovering from the accident for months on end. The accident alone can cost victims thousands of dollars in repairs to the vehicle. Then add in the medical bills, the rehabilitation costs, in-home medical care and more. Drunk driving accidents can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver in Rochester, contact our firm to speak with an attorney about your injuries and how you can recover damages.

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