Vehicle weight and speed affect pedestrian injuries

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It’s summer and that means that many more vehicles will be on the roads. On top of that, you may enjoy running or walking around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, being a pedestrian has the potential to be dangerous, and it could lead you to suffer from serious injuries.

As a pedestrian, you have very few protections against a car accident. If you’re hit, your body takes the full impact. That impact can lead to internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other serious wounds.

The speed of impact affects your injuries

Car crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States. For pedestrians, the risk of death grows by the speed at which the vehicle travels. For example, if the car is traveling at less than 10 mph, it’s unlikely that the pedestrian will be killed. There is around a 0.5 percent risk. Comparatively, if the vehicle is traveling at 40 mph or higher, the risk of injuries climbs to around 54 percent.

At 16 mph, your risk of injuries is around 10 percent. At 23 mph, it’s around 25 percent. Your risk of a severe injury is 50 percent once you’re struck by someone moving at least 31 mph. At 46 mph, your risk of a severe injury climbs dramatically to 90 percent.

The vehicle type plays a role in injuries

The type of injuries you suffer also has to do with the kind of vehicle that hits you. You’re much more likely to survive being hit by a passenger vehicle than a semi-truck, for instance. The vehicles that weigh more impact you harder, and that means more serious wounds.

If you are struck by a vehicle, you deserve the best care possible. Your attorney can help you by fighting for an appropriate settlement or taking your case to court, so you can focus on recovery.

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