How to handle insurance disputes for car accidents

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Car accidents can be incredibly stressful, even the most minor ones. When you add in the fact that your vehicle has been totaled or you have been injured significantly, the stress level can go through the roof. Car accidents are so difficult to deal with because of the insurance companies, which want to payout as little money as possible. Here’s how you can handle auto insurance disputes in Michigan.

There are two different types of insurance disputes: A third party disputes a payment offered by your insurance company following an accident and you dispute the payment offered by your insurance company to you after an accident. Should the insurance company fail to settle the dispute with the third party, you could find yourself involved in a civil lawsuit.

If you do not agree with the payment from your insurance company after an accident, the first step is to have your damaged vehicle appraised by an independent automotive expert. The insurance appraiser will still file a report, but you are well within your rights to hire your own appraiser. In most cases, this is as far as you will need to go in order to resolve your insurance dispute.

Should the insurance company still fail to pay your claim or fail to pay what you believe you deserve, you can move to mediation. Most insurance policies have a written clause that states you must go to mediation with them prior to filing a lawsuit against them, so this really is a required step for most in resolving disputes.

This process will be the same whether the dispute is with your own insurance company or someone else’s insurance company. Just be sure to follow the steps outlined here so you do not cause any further issues.

When dealing with an insurance company, it’s best to have an experienced attorney by your side in Rochester, Michigan. An attorney will be able to resolve your dispute and get you on the road again in no time.

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