National bike month teaches safety throughout May

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The month of May is National Bike Month. It teaches safety to not only bicyclists, but also motorists. Staying safe on the roads while riding a bike is important. There is only so much a bicyclist can do to keep themselves safe. The rest relies on the motorists around them and how they operate their vehicles.

One of the biggest mistakes bicyclists make is riding against traffic. This is a big no-no. Bicyclists should always ride with the flow of traffic. This makes it easier for vehicles and bicycles to abide by the rules and laws of the road.

Bicyclists must obey the laws of the road. This includes following stop signs, traffic lights, yield signs and more. Bicyclists should not cross against a red light or jolt out into an intersection without first stopping at a stop sign and yielding to oncoming traffic.

Distracted driving is not just a problem with motor vehicles. Going for a bike ride should not include using a mobile phone while behind the handlebar. Using your phone while riding can distract you to the point of getting involved in an accident. The less distracted you are, the more in-tune with the road and surroundings you will be.

You should wear reflective clothing even when riding during daytime hours. Reflective clothing helps motorists see you, especially if you are riding at night. If you can avoid riding your bike at night, do so. Riding at night increases the risk of being involved in an accident even if you follow the road laws and wear reflective clothing.

All bicyclists should learn the hand signals used and put them to good use when turning. Even if you think, or know, there are no vehicles behind you or in front of you, use hand signals. They will make you more visible and show approaching vehicles your intentions.

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