What catastrophic injuries can occur in a rear-end crash?

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Being rear-ended by a vehicle is a huge stress on your body – and we are not talking about the headache that comes with getting your vehicle repaired. We are talking about the catastrophic injuries that can result from the collision.

The term “catastrophic” may make you think about obvious, external injuries, but it covers much One more. Some of the possible effects of the accident are internal can range from whiplash to brain injuries or spinal cord injuries .


Understanding some of the possible effects of the catastrophic injuries can help you to decide what you are going to do regarding the accident. Consider these points.

What are catastrophic injuries?

Catastrophic injuries can impact you for the rest of your life. Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries are two possible catastrophic injuries that are associated with motor vehicle crashes. Catastrophic injuries can be relatively mild or they can be severe. In some cases, they might result in death.

What factors determine the severity of a catastrophic injury?

The location of the injury can have an impact on the severity of the effects you will experience. Spinal cord injuries higher on the spine are more likely to cause more serious effects than those on the lower end of the spine. Injuries to specific areas of the brain will impact different functions. An injury to the brain stem could lead to death.

The length of time it takes for you to get medical care can also impact the ultimate outcome of the injury. The medical care that you receive can also influence the way your body heals after the injury.

What types of effects are possible after a catastrophic injury?

You can experience symptoms that last a lifetime. For a brain injury, you might experience confusion and difficulty concentrating. A spinal cord injury might result in you becoming paralyzed, having difficulty breathing on your own, or experiencing other maladies.

You will likely need a lifetime of medical care and assistance for the ongoing issues related to these injuries. You may need rehabilitation and medication to help you live the highest quality of life possible. In some cases, you might not be able to return to work after the accident, so you will have to deal with a loss of income at a time when your expenses might be skyrocketing.

What can I do about the situation?

You can opt to seek compensation from the party who rear-ended your vehicle. You can also file a claim with your insurance for the accident. Michigan is a no-fault state, so your own insurance would cover the medical aspects of the injury. Michigan doesn’t have damage caps for medical care after a catastrophic injury, so you should be prepared to fight for the coverage that you deserve.

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