Nursing home accused of improper care after death

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The state of Michigan has now accused a nursing home in Genesee County of failing to give the residents proper care. This comes after one resident passed away and a federal investigation began.

The home is called Medilodge of Grand Blanc, and it was surveyed back in January. The investigation was carried out by Michigan’s Bureau of Community and Health Systems. They say that the facility did not use proper conduct. Accusations include, but are not limited to, failing to investigate injury reports and failing to give residents what they needed for their own personal hygiene. Additionally, some patients developed ulcers, and the home has been accused of not repositioning or turning these residents in order to prevent them.

The state, which won’t provide further comment until the investigation is over, put together a report that is 69 pages long. It calls out the nursing home for multiple infractions, including:

— Offering a substandard quality of overall care

— Ignoring actual injury reports.

— Not removing soiled linens, but just leaving them in patients’ rooms, on the floor.

— Not changing at least one feeding tube.

When one resident was asked about the care that was provided, he or she said that a lack of staff may have contributed to the problem — a common issue in nursing homes. The resident said it didn’t feel like there were enough workers, noting that he or she hadn’t gone to breakfast because no one showed up to help.

It’s heartbreaking when an elderly loved one does not get the care he or she deserves. If this happens to your family, make sure you know your rights.

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