Man faces charges after girlfriend dies in car accident

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Last fall, a man from Warren, Michigan, was in a car accident. The man, who is now 21, survived the crash. However, his girlfriend was tragically killed. He’s now facing felony charges for his role in the wreck, and he could wind up with 15 years behind bars.

The exact charges are for causing a death while driving under the influence and reckless driving resulting in a fatality. The woman who passed away on that fateful November day was 27 years old.

The man was driving a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, and his girlfriend — who reportedly did have her seat belt on — was the passenger. They were driving down Hoover Road and ended up behind a Ford Escape just after nine in the evening.

The Crown Victoria was allegedly going over the speed limit when it sideswiped the Escape as they tried to pass. That threw the Crown Victoria into a spin, tossing it into northbound traffic. A Chevy Silverado — a full-sized pickup — was coming the other way, and it hit the smaller car. The car then sailed on and rammed into a utility pole before stopping.

The man was seriously hurt. He was taken from the scene in critical condition with internal injuries. Police allegedly thought he was under the influence when they arrived, but toxicology tests had to be carried out. The authorities say the tests showed he’d been using narcotics, not alcohol.

When a loved one is killed in a senseless crash, financial compensation won’t erase the emotional pain. However, family members may be facing medical costs, funeral costs, lost wages and much more. It’s important for them to know if they have a right to compensation.

Source: The Macomb Daily, “Warren man charged in crash that killed girlfriend,” Norb Franz, Feb. 15, 2017

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