Burn injuries may lead to serious complications

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Burn injuries themselves are painful and may need significant emergency treatment when they initially occur. However, it’s also important to realize that they can lead to serious complications, which may then lead to a lot of additional treatments in the future, all of which are tied to that initial accident. A few complications include:


Skin grafts may be needed to reduce scarring, and it can take months or years for scars to heal. Some never fully heal, which could lead to disfigurement.


Even with quick emergency treatment, there’s no guarantee that burns are going to heal perfectly. When they get infected, additional treatments are needed and recovery times can be massively increased.

Respiratory Issues

Smoke inhalation can damage your lungs and airways, making it hard to breathe. Some issues are temporary and some may prove fairly long-lasting. Even without smoke, the sheer heat of breathing in such hot air can cause internal burns.

Limited Movement

When burns happen around joints, the resulting scar tissue can make it harder to move and limit your range of motion. This could mean you can no longer enjoy certain pastimes that you used to love, or you could be out of work. For example, burns to your hands could mean you can never play the guitar or type on your computer again.

When you’re thinking about financial compensation after a car accident, remember not to think only about the initial medical bills and the cost of emergency treatment. These complications could mean you lose far more physically, emotionally, and financially. If you’d like to find out more about the process of seeking compensation, our website can offer details and answer questions.

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