Why have no-fault insurance if it doesn’t fix your car?

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The lowest level of no-fault insurance isn’t going to pay to have your car repaired if you’re involved in an accident. You need to buy a higher level of coverage, called collision insurance, for that. So, why would you choose this low level of coverage at all?

For one thing, it’s illegal to have no insurance in Michigan. You must have coverage, so buying the cheapest plan means you can legally drive, even if you could still lose your vehicle in an accident.

The main reason, though, is that Michigan’s no-fault insurance system is set up to take care of many of the other costs that go along with an accident, some of which could be much more expensive than getting your car fixed. Your basic plan is going to cover things like:

— Damage to someone else’s property.– Lost wages.– Medical expenses.– Replacement services.

These are divided into three main parts of the plan, which are Personal Injury Protection to cover those medical costs, Property Protection to help if other property — like a parked car or a building — is damaged and Residual Liability Insurance.

The key is to always know what your insurance actually covers. Never assume that just because you have a legal insurance plan that means your car will be fixed for no cost.

It’s also critical to know how this works when other people are injured in accidents. Though drivers do get some protection, lawsuits are still possible. For example, they can be used when there are serious injuries, death or injuries that will leave a person disfigured for the rest of his or her life.

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