Seasonal hazards that drivers should be aware of

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If last weekend wasn’t any indication, the fall season in Michigan promises to be one of the better ones in recent years. Unlike other parts of the nation, it appears that that the weather around our region will be pleasant for weeks to come.

Even with the favorable weather, fall driving season indeed brings about some hazards that drivers should pay attention to. This post will identify a few. 

Fog – Although we have relatively warm weather patterns, cooler mornings can produce fog banks that can limit visibility. it is important for drivers to slow down in foggy conditions, especially in areas that have winding roads that could conceal vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Additionally, drivers should avoid using high beams in the fog, because they don’t increase visibility.

Sun glare – You may not have noticed it, but the sun’s position is gradually changing so that it is lower in the sky; hence the shorter days. The sun’s glare could be challenging for drivers during the morning hours as well as the time nearing sunset. For those travelling west to east in the morning hours, (as well as those driving east to west during the afternoon) seeing cars coming from the opposite direction may be difficult. This also applies to seeing pedestrians and other obstacles.

Deer – During the fall, deer tend to migrate to find new feeding areas. To get to these areas, herds of deer will have to cross roads; sometimes busy highways. Because of this potential hazard, drivers should be careful about looking for crossing deer, especially at night.


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