Top safety tips for Halloween

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Next Monday is going to be a great evening for kids throughout our region as they dress up as their favorite characters and walk neighborhoods trick-or-treating for candy. Indeed, Halloween, can be a great time for kids, but it also is an especially dangerous time for pedestrians, particularly children. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrians hit by drivers traditionally goes up on October 31.

Obviously, Michigan drivers have a duty to use reasonable care in looking out for pedestrians, but the emphasis on Halloween is especially important because of the number of kids in harm’s way. Yes, most foot traffic will be on the sidewalk, but accidents can happen when pedestrians cross streets at 2 and 4-way stops.

As such, this post will highlight a few tips pedestrians and drivers can take to avoid being in an accident.

Don’t text and walk – Indeed, young kids are not glued to their cell phones,  but older kids and parents who are chaperones should avoid texting and walking. A pedestrian’s night (and their life) can be ruined by unwittingly walking into the street.

Wear bright colors – With most trick-or-treaters venturing out after sunset, it is better for pedestrians to wear costumes with bright colors (or reflective stripes) so that drivers can have a better chance to see (and avoid) them. The same applies to costumes that have their own LED lights.

Don’t drink and drive – Moreover, those who attend adult Halloween parties should appoint a designated driver. More importantly, the designated driver should not drink at all.  There’s no point in having a designated driver who is only “less drunk” than the other passengers in a car. 

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