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Elderly passenger dies in three-car accident

An 85-year-old woman was a passenger in a three-car crash in Michigan, and she tragically perished in the wreck. Authorities are still investigating the accident to determine exactly why it occurred.

What they know so far is that the woman was in a Buick Regal. That vehicle was pulling out of a driveway and attempting to cross E. Auburn Road to enter another driveway.

Refresh your winter weather driving skills before heading out

The roads in Michigan are sometimes difficult to navigate, even when the weather is nice. If you add in snow or sleet, you might find that you are facing some very serious challenges. Still, all drivers on the road must ensure they are driving safely so that everyone can make it home at the end of the day.

Before you head out this winter, be sure that you brush up on safe driving practices on slick roads. Here are a few to get you started:

Malfunctioning railroad crossings can be confusing and dangerous

Railroad crossings are designed not to fail. For instance, the lights have backup batteries so that even a power outage won't knock them out and people will still know that a train is coming.

That said, like any mechanical device, it's impossible to completely avoid failure in all instances. There is still a risk. When these crossings malfunction, it can be both confusing and dangerous for drivers.

6 nursing home statistics that will shock you

You tour the nursing home and it seems great. Everyone is nice and friendly and it looks clean.

After you move your elderly relative into the home, though, you start to worry. Is everything as perfect as it appeared?

18-year-old dies in accident blamed on breath test

A man had been ordered to use an ignition interlock device (IID) to start his vehicle. The IID retested him every 20 minutes or so, asking him to blow again even as he drove. This is done to prevent a sober person from blowing to start the car and then simply drinking in the vehicle.

These rechecks are common, but an accident is now raising questions about IIDs' overall safety.

Are the weekends really the most dangerous for drivers?

You've heard that the weekends are the most dangerous time to be on the road, but you feel like it must be a mistake. After all, with everyone participating in that daily commute all week, wouldn't weekdays see higher traffic levels, more congestion and more accidents?

There are risks that go along with road congestion and higher traffic levels, to be sure. However, the statistics show that the weekends still lead to more car accidents. One study examined the stats and ranked the days as follows, from the fewest crashes to the most:

  • Tuesday: 4,455 annual crashes
  • Wednesday: 4,508 annual crashes
  • Monday: 4,603 annual crashes
  • Thursday: 4,767 annual crashes
  • Friday: 5,865 annual crashes
  • Sunday: 6,007 annual crashes
  • Saturday: 6,826 annual crashes

Winter road conditions increase the potential for a crash

Any time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, there is some degree of risk involved. Certain factors can contribute to that risk, increasing the potential for a collision and serious injuries or death. For people who live in Michigan, particularly the Upper Peninsula, the powerful winter weather can be a major factor that contributes to risk in a vehicle.

Although different areas of Michigan receive different levels of snow fall annually and have different average temperatures, the whole state, from Detroit to Sault Ste. Marie to Escanaba has more severe winters than many other states. Drivers across the state need to take special steps to reduce the risk posed by winter weather conditions.

What is the healing time for a burn?

You're trapped in a car after an accident. While you're only stuck for five minutes, until the authorities arrive and pull you out, the car starts on fire. You suffer a number of burns, which are the worst of your injuries.

Now you're wondering how long these are going to take to heal. This can be a painful time, both physically and emotionally, and you're looking for answers.

Speed changes the odds of catastrophic injury for a pedestrian

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, a lot of factors influence the odds of injury or death. The size of the vehicle could play a role, for instance, as could the age of the pedestrian.

However, one thing that researchers found to have a consistent influence was simply the speed of the car. Even with small increases that drivers barely notice, the odds of death or serious injury increase dramatically.

Ambulance runs stop sign, hits car, and sails off a bridge

An ambulance in Michigan reportedly blew through a stop sign, causing a fatal accident. It hit a car with a 21-year-old man behind the wheel.

The impact was so violent that the ambulance went out of control and sailed over the edge of a bridge. It landed in a river. There were two people inside, and both workers suffered serious injuries. The crash happened on Monday, Oct. 16 around 6:25 a.m.

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