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Delayed death due to injuries and wrongful death cases

Fatal crashes don't always claim a life right at the scene of the collision. While it is certainly true that many people can die instantly after a major motor vehicle wreck, some people suffer from catastrophic injuries that eventually claim their lives but cause them substantial expense and suffering before they die.

The delayed death of a loved one related to injuries they suffered in a motor vehicle crash, such as traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding or spinal cord injuries, could leave your family suffering emotionally and struggling financially.

What hope do cervical spine injury patients have for recovery?

Your seven vertebrae at the top of your spinal cord in your neck area comprise the cervical spine. Individuals who hurt one of these vertebrae are at a significantly higher risk for spinal cord injuries such as quadriplegia. This may affect a patient's ability to move their limbs or feel anything before their neck or shoulder area. This has to do in large part with the proximity of a patient's injury to their brain.

Any type of cervical neck injury can result in the victim experiencing either partial or complete permanent loss of their sensory functions and collateral consequences. Those cervical neck injuries that are higher up along the spine tend to result in the most severe complications and even death.

How to prove fault in a Michigan car accident

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you may be considering filing a lawsuit to get the damages that you deserve. To do so successfully, you will need to show that the other driver was at fault for the car accident.

If you can prove this, it's likely that you will be able to gain back damages for vehicle repair or replacement, medical bills and lost wages, and additional compensation for the pain and suffering caused. The following are three ways to prove fault after a vehicle collision.

Filing no fault insurance claims does not guarantee full benefits

In Michigan, victims of serious or catastrophic vehicle accidents feel confident that no-fault insurance claims will cover their medical expenses. Most people don't give the matter much thought. Instead, they assume that insurance carriers always operate in good faith.

Unfortunately, this is not typically the case. In truth, most no-fault insurance carriers will do everything they can to delay or avoid paying accident claims. Our team of injury attorneys has seen this happen on many occasions.

Man hit and killed while crossing road in Michigan

A 28-year-old man in Michigan's Ypsilanti Township has died after an auto accident. He was attempting to cross Michigan Avenue, according to officials, when he was hit and killed.

Reports say that the crash happened on Monday, March 16, right around 3:00 a.m. The man was between Elder road and Wilson road, walking west down the avenue. He then opted to cross over to the other side of the street. As he did, a passing vehicle hit him, and he passed away from the injuries suffered in the crash.

Identifying a hidden head injury after a car accident

Here in Michigan, serious car accidents are very common, and often more difficult to resolve than accidents in other states. Among other reasons, this is because our state laws do not place limits on the amount of money a court may award a victim in a no-fault collision. To put it simply, insurers operating in Michigan tend to fight hard against paying out compensation.

After you experience any car accident, it is wise to make sure that you receive a complete medical examination, including examining your head for injuries. Head injuries can cause intense complications for a victim, but these symptoms may not show themselves for several days or even weeks after the injury occurs. Without clear medical documentation indicating a head injury after your accident, you may have a much more difficult time seeking fair compensation for your suffering and losses.

Have higher speed limits made Michigan freeways more dangerous?

It's been three years since Michigan raised the maximum speed limit on more than 1,500 miles of our freeways. Has it made them less safe? Despite the fact that there has been an increase in the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities, experts say the jury's still out.

Speed limits on over 600 miles of freeways in rural areas were increased to 75 miles per hour (mph) and to 65 mph on some 900 miles of other freeways. State officials say they chose the safest sections for the changes, based on crash data, as well as straight stretches of road.

Surgical malpractice claims include issues beyond the procedure

Many people would do just about anything to avoid having to undergo surgery -- even live with chronic pain. The idea of being placed under general anesthesia and cut open is frightening. Most everyone knows first- or second-hand of a case where something has gone wrong during surgery.

The evidence is more than anecdotal. According to a new study by Coverys (a medical liability insurer), more medical malpractice claims involve surgery than any other issue, with the exception of diagnostic errors. General surgery was the most common type, followed by orthopedic and neurosurgery.

Beware of social media during your personal injury claim

Maintaining a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a fun way to spend your time. However, if you are seeking financial compensation through a personal injury claim in Michigan, your social media use could hurt your case.

We understand the allure of social media platforms, but we also know how detrimental their use can be to those who have suffered negligent injuries. You can be sure that the person responsible for your harm, along with their attorney, is watching every move you make. Following social media posts has become a very effective way of defending those accused of negligence.

How children can be affected by car accidents

Children are still developing physically and emotionally, so when they become involved in a car accident, they are much more vulnerable than adults. This is why young children must be seated in appropriately fitted car seats. If your child has recently been involved in a car accident, they are likely suffering physical injuries and emotional injuries as a result.

As a parent, you will be committed to getting justice for your child, therefore it's likely that you will want to take legal action against the party you believe was responsible. To do this successfully, start by gaining a good understanding of the ways in which your child can be injured, both physically and emotionally.

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