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What do changes to no-fault insurance laws mean for you?

Michigan's no-fault insurance model has meant that individuals pay high premiums for the coverage required by law. One of the components that was especially costly was the personal injury protection because people had to pay for unlimited lifetime medical benefits. On July 1, 2020, residents of this state were able to change their coverage from that unlimited option to lesser coverage, which saved some people money on their premiums.

The no-fault insurance system in Michigan was meant to eliminate the need for personal injury lawsuits for people who suffer injuries in accident. Instead, these victims turn to their own insurance companies for coverage for their injuries.

What impact does recreational marijuana use have on accidents?

Many states have relaxed marijuana laws during the last few years. As a result, recreational marijuana usage has significantly increased in many areas. Unfortunately, the use of this drug, like alcohol, doesn't just occur at home or in a controlled setting. It can happen just before or while a person operates a motor vehicle as well.

Studies have had mixed results concerning whether an increase in recreational marijuana use results in more auto collisions. In Colorado, one study found an elevated rate of auto deaths due to motorists' consumption of this drug, however. The numbers were unaffected in Washington state.

How should you file a dispute with your auto insurance company?

Just because you have auto insurance doesn't necessarily mean that it will protect you should you have an accident. Ultimately, it's up to your auto insurance company's adjuster to decide whether they will approve your claim. An insurance company may deny your request completely or pay only a portion of your damages.

There are a variety of reasons that you and your insurance company may not be on the same page. They may take the position that you haven't suffered any coverable damages. On the other hand, they may agree to pay a portion of your claim, but tell you the amount that you're requesting is over your policy amount. They may also disagree with how much a bill is.

How dangerous are school buses without seat belts?

Parents expect school buses to safely take their children to school and bring them back home. Unfortunately, things do not always work out that way. School bus manufacturers aren't required to equip these vehicles with seatbelts per federal law. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, only eight states mandate that school buses have seatbelts. Michigan isn't one of these states.

Researchers recently filled a school bus with 15 crash dummies as part of a simulated rollover scenario. Eight were strapped in with seatbelts and seven others went unrestrained. One unbelted test crash dummy went flying through the air in the crash, snapping their neck. Two other passengers without seatbelts slammed into other riders' seats. All eight belted passengers remained in their seats during the rollover.

Examples of reckless driving that could help your claim

If you have been involved in an accident and you believe that another driver was at fault for causing the accident, it's important that you are able to prove this. If you are unable to prove this, you may run the risk of being held liable for the accident. This could cause many issues, from legal consequences to increased insurance fees.

This is why you should take the time to pinpoint the types of negligent driving that you believe the at-fault driver was guilty of engaging in. Reckless driving is one form of driving that is generally considered to be unlawful and can lead to serious accidents. However, there are many instances of reckless driving. The following are some specific examples of reckless driving that you may be able to cite in order to help your claim.

How to protect yourself when walking in a parking lot

You don't think much of it, but you probably walk through parking lots almost every day of your life. This happens after you park your car at work in the morning (and when you leave). It also happens when you visit the grocery store or shopping mall. And that's just the start.

While it doesn't necessarily seem like a dangerous place, parking lot accidents injure and kill many people every year. And for that reason, you must know how to protect yourself. Here's what you should do:

  • Keep your head on a swivel: The most challenging part of navigating a parking lot is that cars are driving every possible direction. And in many cases, they aren't obeying the law. For example, someone may drive the wrong way down a one-way aisle in order to secure an empty spot close to the building.
  • Watch where you walk: If possible, walk on a designated sidewalk or directly behind parked vehicles.
  • Watch for parked vehicles: Parked vehicles are just as dangerous as those that are moving. As you navigate the lot, watch for anyone who may be backing out of their space.

What are common injuries that a child suffers in car crashes?

Car crashes impact children and adults in different ways. Kids often get hurt in different and often more severe ways than their elders. Back, chest, organ or head injuries and concussions are the most common ailments that children suffer in crashes.

Children under age 1 are more likely to suffer concussions from auto accidents than older ones. Cuts, bruises and head fractures are more likely among children over a year old. Kids are 10 times more likely to suffer an incapacitating injury in a rollover accident than any other type of collision.

How common are bike crashes?

Riding a bike is an excellent form of exercise, yet it can also be hazardous to your health. Sharing the road with motor vehicles can be very dangerous and unpredictable. Bicycle accidents have been on the decline in the last few years. Unfortunately, fatal accidents associated with bike riding have been on the rise.

As bike riding has become more popular, advocacy groups have become more successful in getting safety features added to the roadways to reduce the number of bicycle accidents. Some of those enhancements include bike lanes and protective medians. These safety precautions aren't uniform, however. They vary by jurisdiction.

What dangers do motorcyclists face on the road?

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that at least 80% of motorcycle crashes result in someone either getting hurt or killed. That same data reveals that motorcyclists often end up being ejected in these types of crashes. Motorbike riders face many other dangers, though.

NHTSA data shows that motorcyclists often suffer head injuries because they fail to wear helmets to protect themselves. They usually get hurt because they aren't able to avoid objects in the roadway. These objects often strike motorcyclists causing them significant injuries.

Remember these common causes of car wrecks

As people head out for summer vacations, it's imperative that all drivers take the time to brush up on their driving skills. One good thing to do when you're getting ready is to review the most common reasons for vehicle crashes so that you can ensure you don't fall into doing any of these while you're on the road.

While you can control your own actions, you can't control how others drive. If you see drivers who are operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner, you should try to avoid them and alert the authorities if the situation warrants it and it is safe for you to do so.

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