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How children can be affected by car accidents

Children are still developing physically and emotionally, so when they become involved in a car accident, they are much more vulnerable than adults. This is why young children must be seated in appropriately fitted car seats. If your child has recently been involved in a car accident, they are likely suffering physical injuries and emotional injuries as a result.

As a parent, you will be committed to getting justice for your child, therefore it's likely that you will want to take legal action against the party you believe was responsible. To do this successfully, start by gaining a good understanding of the ways in which your child can be injured, both physically and emotionally.

Crush injuries are often catastrophic and can cause death

Crush injuries can occur in many situations. For example, motor vehicle accidents cause crush injuries if the victim becomes trapped under the car or a heavy piece of the car. If the victim cannot be extricated, the excessive weight continues to press upon the affected part of the body. Without fast and correct medical treatment, a relatively minor broken leg may escalate into a more serious catastrophic injury or death.

In our Rochester, Michigan, legal practice, we have seen the devastation crush injuries can cause firsthand. We want to make sure all residents of the state understand just how dangerous crush injuries are. In addition to the initial crushing of the victim, which may result in severe fractures and other catastrophic injuries, complications from the damage may result in wrongful death.

Man arrested for leaving the scene of an accident in 2014

It's taken years, but the Oakland County Sheriff's Office has made an arrest in a 2014 hit-and-run case.

The 53-year-old man from Lapeer is believed to have been the driver of a gray SUV that struck two teenage bicyclists in a serious accident that happened in Oakland Township.

Beware: Speed does kill!

Lawmakers raised the speed limit along many of Michigan's rural highways in 2017. Motorists who were once only able to lawfully travel 70 miles per hour (mph) along these roadways can now drive up to 75 mph. Injury crashes have soared since the speed limit has been increased along certain portions of U.S. Highways 127, 31, 10 and 127 and Interstates 75 and 69.

Police reports from the areas where the speed limits have been increased show that an increasing number of motorists are being stopped for traveling more than 80 mph. Their data captures how the average motorist is driving at least 2 mph over what they were before the law was enacted.

Why no-fault insurance is ideal for those with brain injuries

The motor vehicle liability requirements in Michigan are the source of much public debate and frustration, particularly among those for whom it represents a substantial monthly burden. Lawmakers recently adjusted no-fault insurance requirements to allow individuals to opt out of the unlimited medical coverage available to those who bring claims against the state insurance program.

Before you rush to be one of those people who does not pay for a full no-fault policy, you should first consider the reasons why lawmakers enacted these rules in the first place. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and their catastrophic consequences on health and finances are a leading reason why lawmakers wanted unlimited medical coverage available to the victims of serious crashes.

Medical conditions that can make driving dangerous

We all know that as people get into their senior years, their cognition, physical mobility and reflexes can suffer -- impacting their ability to drive safely. However, certain medical conditions can seriously affect a person's driving ability as well. Some of these are associated with aging. Others can occur at any age.

If a person gets into an accident and law enforcement authorities believe a medical condition may have caused or contributed to it, they may be required to get a doctor's authorization to get their license back. They may have to retake the written and road tests as well.

Seeking justice after an assault in civil court

If you're the victim of a crime like assault, you probably want the perpetrator to face criminal charges. If they plead guilty or are found guilty, a judge may order them to pay restitution and compensate you for costs like medical expenses, lost income and more.

However, what if the defendant is acquitted or gets a much lighter sentence than you believe they deserve? You can file a civil suit for assault against them to seek some sense of justice — as well as compensation.

Oakland County is one of the most dangerous in Michigan

One of the greatest dangers that people face, all over Michigan, comes from car accidents. As common as driving is, it's one of the riskiest activities you can ever engage in, taking tens of thousands of American lives every year.

Of course, the risks you face may have something to do with precisely where you drive, as some areas are safer than others. If you're from Rochester, what you want to know is how safe Oakland County really is. Unfortunately, the statistics show that it's one of the most dangerous counties in the state, at least as far as car accidents are concerned.

Can you claim medical expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Motor vehicles can make modern life a lot easier by facilitating speedy, independent travel. People no longer have to live in direct proximity to where they work, which is particularly beneficial in places like Detroit, where the best jobs may be located in downtown areas far from housing opportunities, as well as in the Upper Pennisula with its large areas of undeveloped land.

Unfortunately, with all of the convenience that a motor vehicle offers you, it also creates a substantial amount of personal risk. That risk is all too easy to ignore until something happens that has a drastic, negative impact on your family. Car crashes can leave someone with severe injuries, such as closed head injuries that damage the brain or spinal cord injuries that permanently reduce someone's mobility.

When can you sue a dog owner for a bite?

Dog bites can range from a small but painful nip on the ankle by a Chihuahua protecting its home or person to a devastating attack by a large, strong dog. Recently, here in Michigan, a pit bull at the Oakland County Animal Shelter that had been removed from its home and placed in quarantine after reportedly biting people, attacked an employee so aggressively that she ended up in the hospital with muscle damage requiring surgery.

Dogs sometimes pay the ultimate price, as this one did, for their actions. It was shot and killed because it wouldn't let go of the shelter employee. However, when a dog injures someone, its owners can be sued by the victim under certain circumstances.

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