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How to handle a recreational vehicle accident

Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) is a favorite past-time of millions of Americans and Michigan is no exception. There are RVs of all shapes and sizes roaming the roads of America at any given time. These vehicles make it easy for people to travel the country, see nature, visit parks and other destinations and save a little money along the way. But, what if you are involved in an RV accident? Here's what you should do to handle such a situation.

If your RV has come to a stop in a safe place you need to check yourself and all those riding in the vehicle for injuries. Tend to anyone who has hit their head or suffered a large wound. If you need to, be sure to dress any wound that is bleeding in an effort to stop the bleeding.

Careful review is important for any insurance settlement offer

Connecting with compensation after a car accident is often critical to your financial stability. If you suffer serious injuries during a car wreck in Michigan, you may have medical bills, car repair costs and lost wages all simultaneously impacting your finances. It only takes a few weeks for reality to sink in about how an accident can totally change your circumstances.

With less money coming into the house and more overall expenses, you are likely desperate to get some kind of reimbursement from your insurance company. However, no matter how worried you are about your financial circumstances, you should never jump at a settlement offer from your insurance company.

How to care for a loved one with spinal cord injury

If you have a loved one who has suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident, work accident or any other type of accident, it's important to know the best way to provide them care. Any mishap in providing care could worsen their injury, lead to another surgery or even put them back in the hospital for months on end. You need to follow the tips for care outlined in today's post if you want to ensure they are cared for properly.

The first thing you must do before providing care is to learn about the injury. Talk to the loved one's doctors and nurses. Ask questions. Do your research. The more you know about the injury, the easier it will be to provide adequate care for your loved one when they come home from the hospital.

What gives way to snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle accidents?

The use of recreational vehicles such as jet skis, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) can be dangerous, even for some of the most experienced operators to ride on. They're even more unsafe, though, when an inexperienced child gets behind the wheel of them. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that no one under the age of 16 operates these vehicles; however, many do.


How can my uninsured motorist coverage help me if I'm in a crash?

According to Michigan's Department of Insurance and Financial Services, every driver must provide their own no-fault automobile insurance policy that includes Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Property Protection Insurance (PPI) and Residual Liability or Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BI/PD) coverage. An optional type of insurance that Michigan residents may also purchase is Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Coverage.

Although all motorists in Michigan are required to have insurance, many don't take it out in hopes that they won't become involved in an accident or because they think that they won't get caught. In addition to having to pay a $500 fine or being ordered to serve as long as a year in jail for not having insurance, an individual who doesn't have such coverage may also end up being sued civilly for any injuries another motorist ends up suffering.

Teen drives into traffic during 'Bird Box' challenge

Even if you haven't seen "The Bird Box," you've probably seen the memes. Full of images of a blindfolded woman and her children, or blindfolded people in general, as they try to navigate everything from the woods to a rowboat.

As always, there are a few people who -- for whatever reason -- take the hype a little too far. Netflix, the movie's creator, even felt compelled to publicly ask people to stop trying to test their ability to navigate the world while blindfolded in various "Bird Box challenges." Unfortunately, at least one Utah teenager didn't get the message.

Michigan woman, baby killed in three-car crash

A Michigan family is grieving the loss of two of its own -- a 9-month-old girl and an 18-year-old woman. Both of them were passengers in a car involved in a recent three-vehicle crash in Montcalm County.

The crash occurred on M-46 and Amble Road near the town of Amble at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 6.

Winter weather doesn't absolve someone of liability in a crash

Winter can hit Michigan with intense and unpredictable fury sometimes. Even in years where snowfall is lower than average or temperatures are higher than normal, it seems like there's at least one severe snowstorm.

The heavier winter storms often bring with them a significant increase in motor vehicle collisions. Although there are ways that people can adjust their driving to improve their safety in snowy and icy conditions, many people do not do so. This failure can put everyone on the road at risk.

Taking public transit may just save your life

A study published by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) in 2016 captured how individuals who use public transit can decrease their risk of becoming involved in a car crash by 90 percent.

The APTA commissioned researchers at the Victoria Transport Policy Institute to look into how safe taking public transit really is compared to private modes of transportation like personal vehicles.

Nursing home neglect is just as illegal as abuse

You often hear warnings about nursing home abuse. It can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial, depending on the case. You hear about the signs to watch out for and the symptoms that tip off loved ones that abuse is taking place.

It is very important to watch out for abuse, but you also need to remember that your loved one can suffer significant harm even when no actual abuse takes place. They could suffer due to simple neglect.

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