Day: August 22, 2022

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Car accidents claim many victims yearly, and an unfortunate number of them are children. An adult might not be able to survive the impact of a crash, and a small child could have even less of a chance. Therefore, it becomes necessary for adults to drive defensively and safely while transporting young ones. However, reckless drivers on Michigan roads might cause fatal collisions due to negligence.

Fatal statistics and child deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released sobering information about childhood deaths: car accidents are one of the top causes of child fatalities. Tragically, many deaths were avoidable had the children been placed in a proper booster seat appropriate for their height, weight, and age.

Adults could help young ones by learning how to place the child in a booster seat properly. Mistakes might undermine the protections the seats provide.

Sadly, booster seats are not unlike other products because they can come off an assembly line with manufacturing or design defects. A parent might bring a product liability suit against a manufacturer or seller of defective seats.

Even the best efforts to secure a child might not protect them in a severe collision. The size and weight of another vehicle crashing into a car could inflict enormous harm.

Negligence and car crashes

Motor vehicle crashes happen for many reasons, and negligence factors into s significant number of them. Drunk driving and speeding rank high on the list of reasons for vehicle crashes. Other moving violations, such as tailgating, could cause an avoidable crash.

Fatigued and distracted drivers may be dangerous and potentially negligent, as well. Drivers who fail to care for their vehicles might find poor maintenance makes them liable.