Day: January 3, 2022

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Passenger vehicles make up the largest number of fatal traffic accidents, accounting for one in seven deaths. Passenger vehicles in Rochester, Michigan refer to cars, cargo vans, pickups, busses, trains, and air travel. Stats reveal the most recent data on the number of crashes that occur with passengers.

Stats related to passengers in standard car crashes

In 2019, stats show car accidents saw a decrease for the third year in a row, dropping to .045%. Side impact crashes caused 23% of passenger deaths and front crashes caused 57% of crashes in 2019.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported front airbags saved the lives of 2,756 passengers 13 and older in 2016. The NHTSA also reports 47% of the 22,215 passengers killed in car accidents in 2019 were not restrained.

In 2018, two-vehicle head-on collisions involving large trucks killed 31% of passengers and another 24% were from side impact. Twenty percent of students revealed they had been a passenger in a vehicle with a drunk driver in the last month.

Motorcycles and other passenger vehicles

In 2019, 2.5% of passenger deaths involved large trucks, and truck drivers were killed in 15.3% of accidents. Train and motor vehicle accidents have decreased by 83% since 1972 according to the Federal Railroad Administration and nonfatal injuries decreased by 33% in 2019.

While car occupant deaths have decreased since 1975, pickup truck crashes have increased, and accidents from SUVs are times higher. In 2019, SUVs had a rollover crash rate of 21.2%, which exceeds the fatal accident rates of other passenger vehicle types.

Passengers or drivers injured in vehicle crashes can seek compensation, but they should never delay getting medical treatment. Some injuries have delayed symptoms, such as whiplash, and not getting treatment may lower the compensation. Vehicle accident victims only have three years to file under the statutes of limitation.