Day: February 5, 2021

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Any time you approach an intersection while on Michigan roads, you face an increased accident risk. What if crossing traffic runs through a red light? Or a driver turning left fails to yield to you? You could find yourself in a serious accident in seconds.

However, some Michigan intersections are more dangerous than others. In a 2019 report from Michigan State Police, many of Michigan’s most dangerous intersections were in the Detroit metro area. That’s because it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen in high-traffic intersections.

Michigan’s most dangerous intersection was in Sterling Heights at 18 1/2 Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue, which had 229 accidents in 2019, up from 141 in 2018, a 60% increase. Also, in 2019, 41 people received injuries in accidents at that roundabout near a busy manufacturing plant.

Other dangerous Michigan intersections in 2019 included the following:

  1. Schoolcraft and Telegraph Roads in Redford Township, where 210 accidents with 41 injuries occurred
  2. Orchard Lake at 14 Mile in Farmington Hills, where 178 accidents with 22 injuries occurred
  3. M-5/Martin Parkway at Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township, where 161 accidents with 12 injuries occurred
  4. State Road at W. Ellsworth in Pittsfield Township (outside of Ann Arbor), where 154 accidents with 8 injuries occurred

Some of the reasons that some intersections become more dangerous than others are when:

  • Road crews haven’t marked the intersection’s lanes properly.
  • They have inadequate or confusing signs.
  • Other objects, such as trees, obstruct intersection signs.
  • The intersection has defective traffic signals.
  • The roads of the intersection are poorly maintained or have potholes.

Drivers always should watch for crossing traffic or vehicles that may not stop when they enter intersections. An intersection accident can result in serious injuries and even death if drivers are traveling at high speeds and don’t see other cars within the intersection.