Day: June 26, 2020

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Car crashes impact children and adults in different ways. Kids often get hurt in different and often more severe ways than their elders. Back, chest, organ or head injuries and concussions are the most common ailments that children suffer in crashes.

Children under age 1 are more likely to suffer concussions from auto accidents than older ones. Cuts, bruises and head fractures are more likely among children over a year old. Kids are 10 times more likely to suffer an incapacitating injury in a rollover accident than any other type of collision.

Studies show that children tend to suffer fewer injuries in car accidents if they are in second-row seats. Children who are seated in the first row during a crash are twice as likely to be injured from a head-on crash versus those positioned in the rear seats. Injuries go down in front and side collision accidents when children are in second-row seats.

You need to have your child seen by their pediatrician immediately following an auto accident. One of the primary reasons that you need to do this is because children’s skeletal structures are different from adults’. The extent of your child’s injuries may not be immediately apparent. Children may endure lifelong consequences resulting from the injuries that they suffer in a car crash, including headaches, abnormal bone growth, memory loss and reading difficulties.

If your child suffered injuries in a car accident, then you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to collect damages on their behalf. The financial settlement amount they may qualify for might depend on the severity of the accident and injuries and applicable Michigan state law. An attorney can evaluate your case and recommend the best course of action to pursue in your Rochester legal matter.