Day: December 6, 2018

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A Michigan woman continues to recover from a car accident that left her with a critical injury categorized by doctors as an internal decapitation.

The accident occurred Aug. 16. The woman was driving home along the street she lived on, with her husband waiting for her in their driveway. He witnessed her car being hit by another car, sending the woman’s vehicle into a ditch.

He ran to offer aid and secured her head, which her doctor said likely saved her life. Her spinal cord was broken nearly the length of her spine.

She was taken to a hospital and rehabilitation center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to begin her recovery.

On a ventilator at first, she only could blink to respond to questions. Finally, and miraculously, she regained the ability to walk and talk. She must go through physical therapy twice each week. She told a Michigan newspaper she was motivated through the grueling recovery by thoughts of her two daughters.

The driver of the car that struck the woman was charged with a moving violation that resulted in serious impairment.

The woman has said her life never will be the same.

Of course, it won’t. She has been through an unimaginable experience but is on her way to being able to do some things she formerly could do. She likely will never get over the experience – physically or mentally – and will need support for past and future medical expenses. A Michigan attorney experienced in personal injury cases can help her and her family to secure her future.