Day: November 30, 2018

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A 34-year-old Rochester Hills man was killed in a two-car collision while driving along eastbound Interstate 94 during the early morning hours on Nov. 24.

Officers with Michigan State Police (MSP) were first dispatched to the crash scene at the Detroit intersection of Chalmers and east I-94 shortly after 3:15 a.m. When they arrived there, they found a motorist unresponsive in the center of the roadway. They soon pronounced him as dead.

Witnesses that they spoke with recounted how the decedent was seen traveling eastbound along I-94 when he appeared to suddenly lose control of his vehicle. Soon thereafter, he collided into the concrete barrier along the left shoulder of the freeway before traveling into the right lane.

It’s there that another car crashed into the rear of his vehicle causing it to spin. He was ejected from it in the process. The motorist who struck him didn’t suffer any injuries in the crash.

All of I-94’s eastbound lanes starting at the Conner exit remained closed until just before 8:45 a.m., while the MSP’s investigation into the accident continued. So far, they haven’t decided whether the motorist who struck the decedent will be charged with any crime for their role in causing the fatal crash.

While you may expect it to be pretty straightforward to prove a catastrophic personal injury case, these are often some of the most complex ones to handle. Those who have lost a loved one in such an incident should consult with a Rochester catastrophic injury and wrongful death attorney who can advise them if they need to file a lawsuit for compensation.