Day: June 12, 2017

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In Michigan, you are required to have no-fault insurance coverage. This coverage is required to obtain your vehicle’s license plates. If you end up losing that insurance, it’s no longer legal to drive your car.

When an accident takes place and the parties have no-fault insurance, the insurance kicks in right away and begins to pay for wage loss benefits, medical expenses and damage caused to other people’s property.

What must all no-fault policies have?

It’s a requirement that all no-fault policies have Personal Injury Protection. This protection pays your medical expenses if you’re hurt in a crash. All medical expenses are covered. You’ll also receive wage-loss benefits of up to 85 percent of what you earned prior to the accident. The limit is presently $5,398 per month.

What happens to your family if you’re killed in a crash?

Your family has a right to receive wage-loss benefits of up to $5,398 for three years.

Does no-fault insurance pay for damage to your vehicle?

No. No-fault insurance doesn’t cover property damage that happens to your property. However, it does cover repairs to the other driver’s vehicle or property damage in the crash that you do not own. The other party’s no-fault insurance should cover your property damage. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage, then your insurance will cover the cost of repairs for your vehicle.

No-fault insurance helps make sure you get the coverage you need as soon as possible. If your insurance coverage isn’t covering what you need or the other party did not have insurance coverage, you may run into a situation where you need to file a lawsuit. If you’re not sure which step to take next, your attorney can help.