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Attorneys of Atnip & Associates, PLLC

Personal Injury Lawyers

For others, it’s just another case. For us, it’s personal.

We advocate for and passionately protect the rights of everyday people who require legal representation as victims of injuries and accidents

$2.4 Million

Confidential V. Confidential

First-party claim for medical expenses, mileage and home modifications resulting from a motor vehicle/motorcycle accident.

$1.5 Million

Confidential V. Confidential

Third-party claim for automobile negligence resulting in a traumatic brain injury from a rear-end collision.

$1.2 Million

Maxwell V. American Casualty

First-party claim for PIP benefits including attendant care and home modification resulting from a 12-year old pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle.


Norman V. Geico

Arbitrated first-party claim for medical expenses, replacement services and attendant care resulting from rear-end collision.

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We Are Fighting For You Immediately

“Heather is a young attorney that has wisdom and knowledge well beyond the number of years she has been in practice. I am often amazed at how she has a better grasp on many areas of the law that other lawyers with two to three times as many years in practice don’t.”


Personal Injury Lawyer In Saint Clair Shores, MI


“Heather is someone who is good at staying on top of things. If you want someone to get the job done – and get it done right – she is an outstanding selection. Very personable and VERY good at what she does.”



“Heather Atnip is indeed, an exceptional attorney, as well as a very caring and professional individual. When my dog and I were attacked by a pit bull dog, Heather not only did an excellent job researching, preparing and presenting the case, but so too she was genuinely concerned about my personal health, safety, and well-being.”


A Personal Injury Client


“She took my case and had to undo so much wrong that was done with my case and made it so right. Mrs. Atnip is true to her word and makes the client feel safe and confident so u can focus on getting better, also that u can get back to your life. So in the end if u want the best attorney go get Mrs. Heather J. Atnip and your sure to win and have a women who will never lie to u keep u informed and will have your best interest at heart”


A Car Accident Client


“Heather took care of everything in an extremely professional and timely manner. She never steered me wrong when it came to the decision making and answered all my questions as they arose. In fact, when I have a legal issue to this day, I still ask her first what her opinion is and what I should do. If my friends ever need an attorney I would gladly send them to Heather because mainly, she handles business.”


A Car Accident Client


“I was referred to Heather Atnip by a very reputable attorney who felt that my case would be handled better by Heather due to her expertise in auto accidents. ”


A Personal Injury Client


Passionate, Side-By-Side Representation

Our legal work is about much more than winning your case. We work to make a dramatic difference in your life. Our team approach will provide you with personalized care and support that you can rely on for proactive, attentive legal representation.

“Author of Surviving and Thriving After A Personal Injury”. Order a free copy today.

We Fight For You Like Family
Personalized Service

Our goal is always your best possible recovery when we help you pursue full and fair compensation in your motor vehicle accident case. We care about improving your physical and mental health after a serious or catastrophic accident.

We want to help you find the care you need.  Just as we would fight for our own family, we want to fight for you and elevate your recovery from the insurance companies. You get personal representation from our attorneys and access to the full resources of our firm. In Rochester Hills, throughout metro Detroit and across the entire state of Michigan, including Sanford and the Upper Peninsula (Escanaba), we are your dedicated legal team every step of the way.

Practice Areas
We Have Proven Results

Catastrophic Injury Claims

Have you suffered serious injury or loss because of another person's negligent or willful act? Our personal injury attorneys can help you maximize your recovery.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Speak with one of our car accident lawyers before accepting anything from the insurance company. Your case value is likely greater, but you need a champion for your cause.


Wrongful Death

We hold negligent parties accountable through independent investigation and collaboration with medical experts to help grieving families heal from the loss of a loved one.


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We are passionate about protecting the rights of everyday people. We fight for each one of our clients, and we take on the fight as a team and as a family.

Accident Injury
Lawyers Who Will Not Let Up

While most attorneys simply struggle to fit into a traditional system of standards, our lawyers consistently stand out due to their tenacity and innovative legal skills. We have earned the highest regard and respect throughout Michigan legal and medical communities.

We fight hard for our clients and maximize recoveries, but legal representation should be about more than wins, losses and settlements. It should be about making a difference.

We strive to secure your long-term stability. We are available when you need us and always supportive of your needs.

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