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Why has Michigan kept no-fault auto insurance?

In 1973, Michigan started its no-fault auto insurance system. The idea behind the system was to lower the costs for consumers and to get doctors their payments faster. This was because victims of accidents didn't need to file a lawsuit against the other driver in order to get compensation for injuries. With no-fault insurance, drivers would simply use their own insurance company to submit claims, no matter who was at fault in the accident.

The state legislature has tried to make several changes to no-fault insurance, but hasn't been very successful. However, medical providers have maximum fees that they can charge. Also, there are different levels of coverage available instead of just unlimited.

How to drive safely around large vehicles

Driving on the roads of Michigan can be scary, especially for young drivers. But for drivers of all ages, driving near large vehicles can be dangerous. You need to know how to position your vehicle and maneuver it around trucks and buses so the drivers of these vehicles can see you. Follow the tips outlined here and you should be able to avoid an accident.

Do your best to keep your vehicle out of the blind spots of trucks and buses. This obviously can be difficult if driving in heavy traffic with limited room for maneuvering. When you have the chance, safely move your vehicle out of the blind spots, which are on the sides and rear of these large vehicles. One way to determine if you are in a blind spot is to find the driver of that large vehicle in the mirrors. If you don't see the driver, the driver cannot see you.

Wrongful death lawsuit surrounding death of infant to continue

The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a deceased infant will continue, according to a ruling made by a Lenawee County Circuit judge at the beginning of August. The judge ruled that a default judgment made against the subject of the lawsuit will be set aside so the case can go to trial. A pretrial date is slated for August 28.

The mother of the deceased child has sued the owner of a daycare and the daycare business, Kountry Kids Child Care, which is located in Palmyra Township. The baby, only six months old at the time of her death, passed away in the care of the woman at her child care center on the first day she was in attendance.

How do I care for a burn?

No matter the industry in which you work, it is possible for you to suffer some sort of burn. It can happen to the safest of people. Burns can be caused by electricity, chemicals, fire and cooking. Getting burned at the workplace is a common injury in Michigan. So, how do you care for a burn?

Burns range from minor to critical and are assigned a stage when evaluated by a medical professional or emergency responder. The stages go from first degree to third degree. No two burns are the same, as they can appear in quite a few different colors, including red, white, black and brown.

Seeking help with filing a no fault insurance claim

Not many people who move to the state of Michigan realize that it is a no fault insurance state when it comes to automotive insurance. This means that the coverage is broad, extending to everyone in your household. It will pay for your medical expenses for your life and up to 85 percent of your salary for no more than three years.

It's not uncommon for insurance companies to deny personal injury claims of victims of car accidents in Michigan. This can cause victims to suffer even more stress following an accident. It shouldn't be this way though. That's where an experienced lawyer comes into play.

Don’t make these car insurance claim mistakes

Immediately following a car accident, it's important to focus all your attention on your health and overall well being.

Once you know that you are on the right path to making a recovery, you can turn your attention to details regarding the accident itself. This often means that you will be in contact with your insurance company.

Drunk driving accidents and ensuing injuries

Drunk driving accidents are too common on the roads of Michigan. They have caused some of the most tragic accidents one can imagine. Drunk drivers are dangerous and threaten the lives of millions of drivers. Today, we will discuss the injuries that occur as a result of drunk driving accidents.

One of the most common injuries suffered by victims of drunk driving accidents involve the head. These accidents can be so violent because of the speed involved that victims can suffer cracked skulls, concussions and other injuries associated with their heads. The head can slam against the steering wheel, dashboard, side window or even the pavement if the victim is thrown from the vehicle.

How can I protect myself against road rage in Michigan?

Road rage is present all over the roads of Michigan and Rochester is no exception. You might go months without experiencing a road rage incident and then you might encounter multiple incidents in the same day. There is no rhyme or reason for it, road rage just occurs. Drivers get fed up with driving habits of others, tire of sitting in traffic or are frustrated about something else in life and it manifests on the roads. So, how can you protect yourself against road rage?

Should you upset another driver around you by tailgating them, going too slow under the posted speed limit, swerving or weaving in and out of lanes, they might become enraged at your behavior. Even though your honest intent was not to cause a problem, you don't know how others will react in that situation. If this happens to you, it's best to defuse the situation quickly. This can be done by giving them a friendly wave, mouthing that you are sorry and then giving them ample room so they can pass you and move on with their day.

How to handle insurance disputes for car accidents

Car accidents can be incredibly stressful, even the most minor ones. When you add in the fact that your vehicle has been totaled or you have been injured significantly, the stress level can go through the roof. Car accidents are so difficult to deal with because of the insurance companies, which want to payout as little money as possible. Here's how you can handle auto insurance disputes in Michigan.

There are two different types of insurance disputes: A third party disputes a payment offered by your insurance company following an accident and you dispute the payment offered by your insurance company to you after an accident. Should the insurance company fail to settle the dispute with the third party, you could find yourself involved in a civil lawsuit.

Vehicle weight and speed affect pedestrian injuries

It's summer and that means that many more vehicles will be on the roads. On top of that, you may enjoy running or walking around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, being a pedestrian has the potential to be dangerous, and it could lead you to suffer from serious injuries.

As a pedestrian, you have very few protections against a car accident. If you're hit, your body takes the full impact. That impact can lead to internal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other serious wounds.

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